Why Partner with Pro Software

Increase Efficiency

Because Pro was built by industry insiders “best practices” were identified and implemented during the development, not after the fact. Employee set up tasks that took an hour now take 10 minutes. Large head count Payrolls that took hours to process now take a fraction of the time.   With our state-of-the-art agile approach to developing software, we are the most efficient PEO/ASO software solution in the market. Because of this, your current staff will be able to handle 30-50% more work.  And they will do it with less effort, less mistakes, & more efficiency allowing you to grow your business while never wavering on customer satisfaction.

Increase Profitability

Aside from your current staff being able to increase work load by 30%+  with Pro Software’s all in one solution, never worry about ancillary costs creeping into your bottom line. By reducing third party costs, and minimizing technical partners, we ensure the best ROI for your business, and we bet on it in 2017.  We know it increases the bottom line because our customers have already seen it.

Reduce Risk

As a true end-to-end Payroll, Benefit Administration and Workers Compensation management solution, we provide peace of mind by taking complexity out of the equation. We minimize risk through our cutting-edge approach to software development, thereby allowing you to focus on what really matters: growing your business and delivering on customer satisfaction. Focus is the path to excellence. We believe you can either be great at developing software or great at hosting software. You can’t be great at both. So we let the global leaders host, and we write great software. Why is this differentiation important to you? Because of our approach you get world class hosting capabilities making sure that your data is safe and available without sacrificing best-in-class software development.

Grow Your Business

Born in the cloud, Pro Software provides unlimited scale to help clients address demand in an ever-changing world. Rest assured that as your business grows, your software was already built for it. By providing a single pane of glass for all workflows, we set you up for success from day 1, allowing you to do more with less.

Software Features

Payroll: Run payroll seamlessly through the web or on a mobile device, all within a single pane of glass. With the simplicity of Pro Software, scale your business to allow you to manage 2500 active WSEs per Payroll Account Manager.

Benefits: Simplify your approach to delivering benefits through our intuitive step by step benefits module.

Time & Attendance: Provide your clients with an easy, simple way to boost productivity with our simple and easy timekeeping technology.

Hiring & Onboarding: Streamline your approach to hiring through our efficient onboarding module.

Reporting: Choose from our robust, out-of-the-box report library for any of your Payroll & Benefits reporting. With a wide range of reporting capabilities, if our robust library doesn’t meet your needs, we bet our custom report builder will. With over 50 inputs, we allow you full control to manage and tailor how reports are created and structured, providing you with flexibility to help meet client demands.

Employee Self-Service Portal: Focus on your book of business through our customizable Employee Portal. With our client-centric approach, we provide the tools to allow your clients to request PTO, view check stubs, manage tasks, access W2s, manage documents and review benefits details.

Professional Services

Custom Development: Take advantage of our talented, unique development team. With our agile, cloud-based approach to software development, we allow for rapid deployment of new, custom development projects.

Implementation Methodology: Another area we pride ourselves in is our approach to software implementations. Based on industry benchmarks and our superior technology, we’re confident we can migrate and implement our solution into your environment in half the time of our competitors. Sound too good to be true? Hear firsthand from several of our clients to find out for yourself.

Tired of overpaying for outdated technology and an underwhelming customer experience? Raise the bar with Pro Software. With rich capabilities and a seamless user experience, focus on what really matters: growing your business and delivering value for your customers.

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