“Necessity is the mother of invention.”
–Plato, The Republic

PRO Software started as an in-house PEO (Professional Employer Organization) software solution for a privately owned PEO/ASO (Administrative Services Organization) that had been in the industry for 17 years. Years spent looking for, and not finding, a quality PEO software solution for its combined PEO/ASO business made it clear that developing their own PEO software was necessary. Not only were the existing PEO industry software solutions built on 20 year old technology–that were and remain fundamentally insecure–but they evolved by bolting together different solutions. After significant R&D and millions of dollars of investment, that PEO/ASO launched the most secure and cutting-edge PEO software in the industry.

PRO is entirely unique in the PEO software space: combining both Payroll and Benefits Administration seamlessly in a single platform.

Compared to the outdated technology that currently exists in the PEO software market, PRO Software may seem brand new and too good to be true. The only thing new about PRO Software is our cutting-edge technology, and the only thing green about us is the fact that over the last four years, we have processed billions of dollars in payroll in all 50 states along with several US Territories. There is no bolting together of disparate solutions, front offices vs. back offices, or cloud solutions vs. on-premises solutions. PRO Software is a single, seamless platform, leveraging the latest technology from top to bottom to deliver a crisp, clean and user-friendly PEO software solution.

PRO Software treats our customers as trusted partners. You will never be taken for granted!

PRO Software has brought together a powerful team of PEO and technology experts who are customer service driven with the #1 goal of client satisfaction. With our white-glove approach to implementation, we not only make sure that your company’s unique software needs are met and your data is loaded, but also that you and your team are fully-equipped and trained in how to use the software. As a result, PRO Software prides itself on its role as a trusted partner to our customers, having been able to cut implementation times to almost half the time of our competition, increase customer efficiencies through cutting-edge technology, and provide our customers and their businesses with the most sophisticated security in the PEO industry.

We are proud members of NAPEO and PACE are thankful to be part of the PEO, ASO, and HRO industries. Please reach out to us. We would love to help you optimize your operations and grow your business.

Tired of overpaying for outdated technology and an underwhelming customer experience? Raise the bar with PRO Software. With rich capabilities and a seamless user experience, focus on what really matters: growing your business and delivering value for your customers.

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