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Raise the bar with PRO Software: an innovative HRO cloud-based software designed specifically for the PEO industry. Unlike other software providers who are still using outdated technology, PRO utilizes the latest technology in its application and hosting environment to provide superior performance and enhanced security.  In today’s world, you need to know that your data rests in a secure environment protected by encryption, strong cyphers, multi-factor authentication and robust data replication.   The same technology that delivers superior security also drives strong efficiencies in your business so that you can focus on what really matters – your customers.

Solving the industry’s biggest problems

PRO Software is designed specifically to meet the needs of Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) and Administrative Service Organizations (ASOs). As the only fully integrated HRO solution created by a PEO/ASO, we focus on 4 drivers to help meet our clients’ ever evolving demands.




Grow Your

Tired of overpaying for outdated technology and an underwhelming customer experience? Raise the bar with PRO Software. With rich capabilities and a seamless user experience, focus on what really matters: growing your business and delivering value for your customers.

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