PRO Software is excited to announce our new alliance with PEO Defender, “the NATO for PEOs.” Find them on our Alliances page.


“PEO Defender, the first of its kind industry utility in the PEO space, began a soft launch August 1st, with a planned full launch Oct 1st. The website,, allows for any PEO or industry supplier, to become a basic or premium member.

The mission is to help the industry (service suppliers and PEOs) with tools, resources, and information to manage security risks and lower vendor and defense costs. PEO Defender works as an industry cooperative built for the industry, by the industry.

PEO Defender was created to help all PEOs, both large and small, enhance their cybersecurity capabilities. Because the industry is an interconnected ecosystem of service delivery combining PEOs and technology providers, one major aim of PEO Defender is to mature the industry’s overall security level to the point that attackers move on to less well defended industries.

The founding members who provided the initial funding to launch PEO Defender are HR&P, Tilson HR, G&A Partners, PRO Software, Vensure, Prism, Slavic 401K, SyndeoHRO, and GenesisHR. NAPEO, PACE, and ESAC will act as advisors and collaborators to assure consistency across the industry.

This industry alliance will be overseen by volunteer leaders from organizations in the industry. It will act much like NATO was designed (an attack against one is an attack against all).

Our mission is to provide services to all members in a non-biased manner so that industry services and costs will improve further than what any one member of the industry can accomplish on their own. By banding together as an industry alliance specific to a security effort, we have the best chance to help all constituents in the industry fight back against internal and external data crimes, while also lowering costs.

An example of this is the ability for PEO Defender to develop an industry cybersecurity certification process that can be tied to cybersecurity insurance underwriting to lower insurance policy costs and simplify underwriting.

Additionally, through information sharing and intelligence gathering, PEO Defender will help members learn from incidents that others in the industry have already faced. We will also maintain a database of attacks across the industry to advise members on PEO specific practices to make the industry safer.

Membership will grant PEOs and service providers immediate benefits. PEO Defender is dedicated to helping the PEO industry as a whole. This means that, regardless of membership status, free or premium, everyone will receive benefits from PEO Defender. For more information about the services PEO Defender members receive, please visit

As a cooperative industry utility, the more members we have involved, the more leverage we have with cybersecurity vendors. We will use this to provide incentives to vendors to customize their offerings for the PEO industry and lower costs. Our target is to have at least 300 PEOs and over 25 industry service suppliers as members within the first year. Please help us in this effort!

For those who are comfortable being involved in the soft launch, the website is now open for registration with a limited number of services currently available. For those wanting to wait for all services to be active, Oct 1st will be the full launch.”

PEO Defender
3856 S. Blvd. Ste. #110
Edmond, OK 73013